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 Should we care about our posture? 


It impacts digestion, respiration, the lymphatic system, circulation, movement, the hormonal system, the muscular skeletal system and our mental health.  


POSTURE KEY gives us a solution and an opportunity to take 20 mins out of our day to re-set, re-boot and re-align. It does so much more than other back and neck pain products.


With the keystone under the pelvis and neck cradle supporting the head and neck there is a chain reaction of release from the neck to the base of the spine.


30 day money back guarantee!

Posture Key

The award winning two piece device to improve posture, reduce tension and ease pain



Used by many thousands of people, to reduce tension in neck, shoulders, back and pelvis. A favourite with pilots, nurses, and physios, sports people and many others who are interested in looking after themselves.



POSTURE KEY is surprisingly relaxing


Using Posture Key for 20 mins every day addresses the daily physical stresses we put on the body by how we stand, sit and use technology etc.

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