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More about Caroline


After a successful career in hospitality and travel, which included 14 years in the French Alps, my journey took a significant turn in 1996 when my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was during this challenging period that my interest in drug-free approaches to health and well-being started to develop.


Transitioning from the ski industry, I ventured into event management in the realm of sports. I had the opportunity to work closely with professional athletes in cricket through my association with the Professional Cricketers Association, including a 2 year stint managing Shenley Cricket Club, home to Middlesex CC when not playing at Lords.  Additionally, I was involved in organising tennis events for the ATP Champion tour in London and in pro/celebrity golf.


Observing the frustration of athletes making a slow recovery from injuries, I felt compelled to seek out natural, hands-on therapies that could accelerate healing time. This led me to move away from conventional approaches like physiotherapy, sports massage, osteopathy, and chiropractic treatments that were already in use by athletes. Along this journey, my curiosity in respiratory work grew, culminating in the development of my "Just Breathe - Body Breathing Practice."


Given my affinity for sports, my work naturally evolved to include working with and sponsoring elite, professional, and age-group athletes from various sports. The effectiveness of my alternative approach to conventional therapies quickly gained recognition within the triathlon community and extended beyond sports to assist the general public with musculoskeletal and physiological issues.

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My training journey began with Bowen Therapy. However, I quickly realized the importance of expanding my knowledge and experience to enhance my practice. I sought out additional training and explored various modalities to deepen my understanding and provide a comprehensive approach to healing and well-being. This commitment to continuous learning has allowed me to offer a more comprehensive and effective approach to helping clients find a speedy and lasting  recovery.

Functional Alignment (movement)
Anatomy and physiology
Bowen Therapy (Soft tissue) 
Evans Alignment (Hard tissue)
Massage (soft tissue)
Respiration  (Internal health/functional movement)
Gait and Alignment (movement, structure and form) 
Human Dissection (Researching fascia)
Movement integration
Yoga (Movement) 
Scar Tissue Release
Lymphatic drainage
The Vagus Nerve - Cranial nerve X

Remedial Exercise

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As of June 2024 I will be based out of my new practice in Stoke, Hants and will also be doing one day a week in Winterbourne, Newbury.  In the meantime if you have any questions please do reach out.


As for my "Just Breathe" program, I will be announcing upcoming course dates soon, specifically designed for industry professionals. I am passionate about sharing the transformative power of this breathing exercise and its positive effect on our lives.


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