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Testimonials and Reviews

SPORT - Injuries and performance

"Is it luck, coincidence or plain old thinking outside the box that all athletes working with Caroline Kremer are on top form?

Alan Murchison - 4 x World & European AG Duathlon Champion


"I can't believe I am pain free but for a small twinge after one treatment

- a bloody miracle!!"

Fulva Giust - Financial Strategist/ 10K runner - UK


"I had chronic tension headaches, recurring lower back pains, and consistent tension in my neck and shoulders. I pretty much accepted the idea of having to live with the discomfort and taking over-the-counter pain medication to manage it. My wife found out Caroline's therapy and asked me to give it a try. After the first session, I didn't know what I thought about such a "soft-touch" approach. And to be honest, I'm not sure I was convinced. But a few hours after that first session, I really felt the difference in my shoulders and neck, and my headache was gone. I followed up with my second session a week later and a third a couple weeks after that. Night and day. It's now been a few months, and no headaches, no lower back discomfort. I highly recommend that if anyone is experiencing any type of prolonged pain or discomfort to seriously consider a consultation with Caroline."

Claus Kwon - Lantau


"I've suffered with lower back pain for years since pregnancy no. 3 & 4. Nothing has ever really worked (physio didn't touch it) and I'd been on daily pain killers for the majority of a year - that was until I had a few sessions with Caroline. I can't explain the difference but I feel balanced again and the pain in and around my SI joint has almost completely gone. Caroline had some really good advice on little day to day changes to make which have helped especially when travelling. The experience is also deeply relaxing, enjoyable and non invasive."

Natasha Fox - Lantau


"The brilliant Caroline Kremer......I go into a state of intense relaxation and when I stand up, I feel like I've grown from five foot six to six foot five. My balance is rock solid and my headache is gone. I cannot stress how extraordinary this treatment is. In a word WOW"

Clare Bennett - Tatler UK


"Nothing cured it until she found Bowen technique practitioner Caroline Kremer.....Three sessions of gentle rolling movements cured her problem.”

Sarah Stacey - Mail on Sunday

SPORT - Breathing and performance

"I feel that I’ve grown an extra lung.  That was a real eye-opener. In all my years of competitive sport, I've never had such a frank assessment of my wonkiness!

Vicky Gill - GB Professional Triathlete

SPORT - Swimming

"I feel 5kg lighter and 10cm taller today. As far as treatments go I was very impressed..... in terms adding suppleness to the shoulders and core strength/connectivity to help elevate legs/FC kick this could be of use...... the Kremer Method it is quite remarkable"

Dan Bullock - Head coach, Swim for Tri


"I visited Caroline for three sessions for treatment of minor, but chronic, pain in my back. Her treatments were unlike anything I’ve previously experienced. They were *so* gentle that I didn’t think anything was happening. I’m used to vigorous, and often painful, massage. Her results were quite remarkable. We worked to correct the extreme tilt in my pelvis caused by tight muscles from too much sitting and natural large curve in my spine. It was at the point that I could not correct it myself without pain and certainly could not maintain the proper position. The release in my muscles from Caroline's treatments not only allowed me to be pain free for 4 months now, but also created an awareness of my body so that I can now hold myself in a more balanced manner to help prevent future pain. I would truly recommend her method."

Evelyn Osbourne - Lantau 


“I just did a 15 sec PB over a 10 mile time trial race... ”

Stuart Hayes - GB Olypmic Triathlete 2012


Bowen has made a huge contribution to the ability to recover quickly and avoid injury: Even after the very first therapy, balance and power in my legs was immediately apparent, as was the permanent relief from old and seemingly persistent injuries. The Caroline Kremer Method, in my experience, delivers what for me is a great outcome, namely the ability to consistently and frequently train for extended periods of time and enable my goal of successful triathlon participation"

John Lupton - Age group Triathlete, ironman.


“Through the Caroline Kremer Method my running is more fluid and stance has quickly and easily become naturally more upright and I’ve never had so much reach in my swim stroke”

Pavin Rooprai - GB Triathlete


"Just Breathe - The Feeling? Euphoric.

It's like being on drugs without having to take drugs"

Francesca White - Tatler UK


“Found 5-10 seconds a mile on mile reps...felt I had more open breathing and lung capacity felt like it had increased!! Almost like I had moved aero bars wider apart”

Alan Murchison GB Duathlete


"I had 3 sessions with Caroline and after each one I felt that I had more strength and flexibility to be able to manage my back problem. She was able to take the time during the initial session to get a good understanding of where the issue was as well as addressing other areas I was not aware of impacting on my back problem."

Mark Hoare - Lantau


"I was diagnosed with chronic Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction (TMJ) and had this for 10 years. It was getting progressively worse and I was barely functioning. I had tried everything but only got very temporary relief from other treatments. I had a series of treatments with Caroline and she is the only one that got to the root of the problem. My facial alignment is normal again, I'm calm again, and I keep getting comments on how soft my features have become. It’s a miracle cure for TMJ dysfunction. I'm 100% better. I urge anyone who has this horrible problem to give your-self the gift of Bowen.  I recognise me once more. I'm so eternally grateful.”

Patricia B - London


“After the treatments I felt taller, lighter and calm.  The treatment doesn't hurt, in fact I was surprised, and I have to admit a bit sceptical, that such gentle actions could help my long term back issues but they did.  I felt as though everything was "put back in place", not all at once and  few times felt aches and had "popping" for a few days after the treatment.
On one occasion I came with very bad pain in my coccyx. I left with no pain in that area and was so relieved to be able to walk comfortably again. At another session Caroline went along my backbone and together we identified where things weren't feeling right. A few gentle moves and I felt aligned again”

Debbie Stringer - Lantau

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